Monday, April 21, 2014

DIY Eggshell Sidewalk Chalk

Since it is the day after Easter, I thought it would be good to come up with a great use for all those egg shells!

The pin I found is here

Here are the instructions:

Items Needed:
6 Egg Shells (I would have more handy just in case!)
HOT Water
Food Coloring
Silicone bowls or mold

Wash out your egg shells and let them dry COMPLETELY.  
If you do not, there is a little membrane in the egg and it makes it impossible to get your egg shells really fine.  I was not patient and had to peel the membrane out of many of the eggs!  
Crush all of your egg shells with a rolling pin (hint: stick some wax paper down so you don’t lose any precious crumbs!)

Mix together a paste of 1 teaspoon flour, 1 teaspoon HOT water and 3 drops of food coloring.  I just used a little silicone bowl and then used the same bowl as a mold for the chalk but you can do whatever is easiest for you

Add 1 1/2 Tablespoons of your crushed egg shells and mix together really well. 
Let dry overnight.  Half way through when the top layer feels dry, you will want to take the mixture out of the silicone bowl and turn it over so the bottom can dry.   And here are the results...
My opinion:  This took me about 90 minutes to make these.  It is hard to get the eggshells on ground down and to such a tiny size.  I did have to take membranes out of many eggs so if I didn’t do that, I still think these 3 tiny pieces of chalk would have taken 45 minutes to make.  AND - I am not sure how the pin worked so well in the picture.  I followed the instructions EXACTLY as the pin stated and still this chalk did not work AT ALL!

Going to the dollar store and buying 24 pieces of chalk would only cost $1 and take about 10 minutes, including the drive… Just Saying…

Pin of the Week: Dying Easter Eggs with Kool-Aid -

Here is the segment in case you missed it on the show!

Pin of the Week: Dying Easter Eggs with Kool-Aid -


Monday, April 14, 2014

Kool-Aid Dyed Easter Eggs

The pin I found for this week is here

And oh my, I LOVE this pin!  I was VERY doubtful this would work and was so excited when it did.  The colors were so bright and the dying process was QUICK!
Items Needed:
Boiled Eggs

Mix 2/3 Cup water with a packet of Kool-Aid.  No vinegar is needed for these eggs because there is Citric Acid in Kool Aid which helps the color.
PERFECTLY dyed Easter Eggs is your result!  The ONLY issue is that you have to immediately pour this solution in the drain when you are done so your kids aren’t tempted to dye their hair!  (And yes, this works to….)